Once you have discovered the perfect wood burning / multi-fuel stove for your home, it needs to be installed professionally by a HETAS registered installer such as ourselves. Every job is different no two jobs are the same. What will remain the same is our workmanship from start to finish, you will not be disappointed. 

First and foremost, does your fireplace need opening up or can it be opened up? We complete all building and renovation work ourselves. Inside your fireplace we use high quality fireboard which is a better finish than rendering or plaster that would crack from the heat of the stove. The fireboard is heat resistant to 1100 degrees. The smooth surface makes it easy to paint if required, giving it a professional finish.

316 OR 904 LINER?

A liner is a flexible stainless steel tube that slides down your chimney and connects to the stove pipe, at the chimney pot end this will also have a bird cowl fitted. The difference is purely quality. The 904 is a higher grade of stainless steel than the 316. It is less likely corrode and have a longer guarantee. It has either 5″ or 6″ diameter depending on your stove.

While the opening is empty, a register plate will be added – you can just see the new flexiflue hanging down at the top of the fireplace. A steel frame will be installed all the way round to hold the register plate. The plate stops loose objects falling from the inside of the chimney stack, it also serves to keep the flue installation in place and stops drafts.

Finally, you chosen stove will be installed by our qualified HETAS engineer, who will carry out all required safety tests.